Thinking of selling?

Look at your property through the eyes of your potential purchaser, are there any small jobs or loose ends that need to be tied up? Maybe a bit of decorating, a leaky tap, a patch of thread bare carpet that could do with replacing or simply a lawn that needs to be mowed.

Sometimes it’s the smallest of things that can make a difference.

Is it a bigger job, a window replacement or a boiler renewal? consider how much of an impact it would make on your ability to sell or even the price that you achieve.

We will be happy to go through this with you on your pre marketing assessment, we will advise you on any changes or tweaks that would make a difference and it’s totally free. After all you only get one chance to make a first impression.

The legals..When you sign up with any agent all you really need to have is an energy performance certificate. We can arrange this for you at a very low cost.

When you secure a buyer and the solicitors get involved they will advise you of any further necessary information that you will need to supply.
Choose a conveyancing solicitor that works for you.